faded 1888 school photo before and after restorationfaded photo of a boy at his birthday party before and after restorationrestored portrait of a lady in a satin gown, before and afterrestored photo of a young man and his red muscle car, next to the faded originalrestored photo of a boy on a studio backdrop, before and after the damaged was repairedrestored photo of a man extracted from another damaged photorestored photo of a woman in her graduation cap and gownrestored photo of a young couple in a car, before and after

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We Give Fresh Life to Old and/or Damaged Photos.

Photo restoration is about more than repairing a relic from the past. It’s about preserving a treasured memory – a segment of family history. A restored photo can make a heartfelt gift for a special someone, or a keepsake for yourself. A gift that no one else could give.

As a Master Photographer, Heidemarie J. Burke understands the importance of photographs. That’s why she relishes rescuing faded, torn, or water damaged images. Heidemarie applies her knowledge of composition, lighting, color and retouching to her photo restoration work. Her skills and her passion for family history bring fresh life to photos that would otherwise be lost.

Photo Enhancement and Colorization of Black & Whites

Many vintage photos lose their luster over the years. Others were taken under non-ideal circumstances such as bad lighting. Are any of your special photos “diamond in the rough”? Heidemarie’s photo enhancement techniques can help them regain its sparkle.

We also colorize old black and white photographs. Wouldn’t you love to know how your great-grandfather’s green eyes may have looked? Or to see your grandmother’s baby blue Thunderbird in all its glory? It’s amazing how color can infuse such vivacity into an old photograph. Let Heidemarie help you view the past in a new hue. Tell her how you recall the colors in your photo, and she will work to recreate them. Or she will do her own research on colors from the time period to maintain authenticity.

Wedding Photo Restoration - Before and AfteWhat to Expect from Our Photo Restoration Services

Types of Damage We Repair

Old photos are fragile. They are susceptible to many types of damage, sometimes even when you take special care to preserve them. The good news is that much of this damage is repairable! Here are some types of damage Heidi can fix:

  • Scratches
  • Tears
  • Missing pieces
  • Blotches, marks and scuffs
  • Sun bleaching
  • Fading
  • Water damage

Types of Photos We Restore

Physical Photos: Heidemarie can work from prints, negatives, slides, or any kind of still image. You can rest assured that she will treat your originals with the utmost care. She will keep them at her studio while she completes the restoration work in-house. She will not send your originals out to a third party.

When the restoration is complete, you will receive your originals back in the same condition in which you left them with Heidemarie. She does not work directly on the originals. Instead, she creates high-resolutions scans, which she restores digitally.

Digital Files: Instead of physical prints or negatives, you can submit digital images or high-resolution scans.

Photo Restoration and Color Job - Portrait of a Young Man - Before and AfterPrints and Wall Art from Restored Photos Make Unique Gifts

All restoration work is done digitally. This allows Heidemarie to make as many new copies of your photo(s) as you desire. Depending on the quality of the original image, Heidi can also enlarge your photo or crop it to a format that suits your preference. Prints and wall art of restored photos also make wonderful gifts the recipient will be sure to treasure! Ask about the variety of print and display options available to you.

Free Consultation & Photo Restoration Quote

Investing in a piece of family history is priceless. But how much we charge for your restoration depends on the extent of the damage. Also, although much can be fixed, there is some damage that sadly cannot be repaired. This is why we offer free consultations to assess the state of your photo. Schedule a time to bring your photos to our studio, where Heidemarie will give you her evaluation along with a custom quote.

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Providing Photo Restoration Services to Englewood, Boca Grande and the Surrounding Communities, Including:

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